We light up our customers’ brands

In the nineteen-fifties, when we started making luminous signs, the ‘magical’ effect of light was entrusted to neon. In those days, it was said that a sign worked, if it captured the attention of the observer “as if he were attracted by a higher force.”

In recent decades, technology has made great strides, and neon has now been replaced by LEDs, light-emitting diodes. But the principle has not changed: anyone who sees one of our illuminated signs must not only be “attracted” a single glance must be enough to impress the brand name on their mind.

From boxedand box-type LED illuminated signs to large signs, from retail signs to vintage neon signs, from multimedia totems to shopfitting solutions: each of our products is born from a combination of cutting-edge technology, carefully chosen and processed materials, and the ability to study the best communication solutions to enhance customers' brands.