Great stage presence.

Advertising signs have many personalities. Some are intended to occupy large spaces and therefore require ad hocdesigns and constructions. Shopping malls, petrol stations, large communications of company offices: for each specific need we study tailor-made solutions.

To ensure excellence, we deploy a range of skillsranging from the engineering design of large structures to the implementation of on-siteconstructions. This sector also includes the careful study of monoliths for dedicated events.

Just to name a few, we have created advertising signsand large totems for the corporate offices of Amplifon , Caterpillar CGT CAT and Suzuki , and for distributors Iperal and Keropetrol. For Yves Saint Laurent, we created a stainless steel monolith in the shape of a mouth, with a vintage effect, a Christmas personalization for the most internationally important shops in cities such as New York, Paris, Beijing and London.