Much more than a business card, the illuminated signs of the shops are still a strategic tool to differentiate yourself from competitors and capture the attention of potential customers.

Time has passed since the first frescoes that, over two thousand years ago, adorned the walls of ancient shops. Today, technology has transformed them into shiny LED elements, which illuminate our cities day and night.

It is essential for a store to have an immediately noticeable sign, able to attract the eye and the interest of passers-by, not only to enhance its business, but also to explain at a glance the goods and services sold. Yet choosing the most effective sign is not easy. Dangers are always around the corner: inadequate graphics, low readability, colours out of context, poor lighting.

The starting point is the concept that a sign – the set of logo, brand and text – must be easy to understand and simple to remember. Without a doubt, the illuminated signs, that is, those lit from the inside, stand out more than others. The technological evolutions of recent decades have made it possible to create models of signs that are increasingly customizable, with complex shapes and high-level graphic renderings.

One of the most important guidelines for choosing the sign is consistency of communication betweenthe image of the company, the exterior and the interior of the store. It is also important to take into account the target audience, which can influence the definition of small details make the difference. In the case of illuminated signs, size does not necessarily matter. "Effective" is not synonymous with "huge": often the simplicity and originality of a material, a subject or the way of processing a thought strike much more than a "cumbersome" communication.

Finally, it is always advisable to rely on companies specialised in the creation of illuminated signs, who can guarantee support throughout the construction process: from the design of the sign to the installation on site. In Italy, one of the companies with the most consolidated history in the sector is Eliosneon, which in the 30s produced the first model of neon illuminated signs in Italy.