Sweatshirts, t-shirts, shoes, vinyl records. But that's not all. In the new wave of interest in vintage items that has struck today's young peopleall over the world (yes, the "digital natives"), there is also room for the old neon illuminated signs, those that from the 1950s onwards gave new light to the brands of large companies and shops.

The vintage tsunami seems to know no boundaries and is expanding to include more and more areas. Just take a look at the world of fashion to understand its scope. Famous brands such as Tommy Hilfiger have given new life to 1990s college sweatshirts and t-shirts that, coincidentally, are enriched with large terry towelling writing on the back, many similar to the signs of the 50s workshops.

And while Adidas dusts off the Originals line with sneaker models in perfect 1970s style and Nike the Air Jordan Space Jam line dated 1990s, digital native fans launch themselves in search of "original pieces" that, for a bizarre law of the market, cost more... than the original! On eBay and beyond, in fact, the hunt is open for vintage Stan Smith still in their original packaging or Ralph Lauren's Polo shirts from the early eighties. In short, for young people the past is a real treasure.

The period luminous neon signs, with a roaring vintage charm, are the protagonists of the hundreds of markets scattered almost everywhere in Italy. A sort of mecca for new collectors of the historical that attracts thousands of young people every year. A return to the past that speaks to the future. And that does not seem to have any desire to stop.