A fairy tale with a happy beginning

A fairy tale with a happy beginning

The story of our collaboration with Amplifon is like a beautiful fairy tale. It was 1950 and Eliosneon was taking its first steps in the field of illuminated signs in Milan. In that same year, Algernon Charles Holland founded Amplifon in the Lombard capital, a company that dealt with the diagnosis, application and marketing of hearing aids.

In view of the opening of the first store in Via Durini, Dr Holland turned to Ambrogio Monti to create a sign that best communicated the innovative scope of its products. Linked by a friendship that went far beyond professional collaboration, the two thus created the conditions for the sale of the first illuminated sign in Milan.

From that day on, Eliosneon and Amplifon begin a long journey together: since then, every new store opened by Dr Holland has been illuminated by a sign created by Ambrogio's company. Years passed and Amplifon quickly became one of the few Italian multinationals, with over 5,000 points of sale, all enhanced by our solutions. In 2016, we also followed the study and implementation of illuminated signs and strategic communication materials on the occasion of the company's image change which, over eight months, involved 800 branchesand 700 Amplifon Points throughout Italy.

A fairy tale with a happy beginning that, from the first luminous signs in Milan, has embraced the whole of the Bel Paese.