Teutonic efficiency, Italian creativity

We have been working with Allianz for over 30 years. It is a very rigorous financial services company with the typical Teutonic efficiency, which, in order to enhance the change of image has relied on an all-Italian creativity: ours. Illuminated signs, of course, but not only.

In Italy, Allianz is present in participation with the Riunione Adriatica di Sicurtà (RAS), an insurance company based in Milan. In 2006, after the merger with RAS, the Allianz group became a European Company (SE) and in 2007 definitively Allianz S.p.A., in which the pre-existing companies Allianz Subalpina, Lloyd Adriatico and RAS merged. Three important changes of image and brand that required as many interventions on the illuminated signs of the local offices.

The well-established trust developed during our long collaboration has recently led us to work with Allianz also in the field of office furniture. With our EliosArredi division, in fact, we have designed and manufactured the furnishings for all the company's executive offices. From illuminated signs to furnishing and fittings: Teutonic efficiency really speaks Italian. With a strictly creative language.